Tips to preserve silk sarees

Tips to preserve silk sarees Always refold them every 3 months to avoid tear. Keep them in a dry and cold place covered in muslin cloth and always fold in such a way to avoid damage to the zari and the zari be faced inwards to preserve sheen. As these sarees are worn only for 2 to 3 hrs at a time, there is no need to wash it after every use, just airing it inside the house will do. You can either dry clean or wash it at home using mild shampoo and we need to wash body, pallu, and border separately. Take care to avoid stains. Kanchipuram Silk Sarees are the most expensive and require high maintenance. Silk Sarees can last for decades without losing their freshness, if maintained with proper care. Special care for maintaining silk sarees include Dry clean only Refold these sarees from time to time to avoid fading on the creases Do not store them with sarees of other materials. Store them separately Try to keep them wrinkle free Never dry the sarees under direct sun Always iron on medium heat and do not spray water while ironing as it might leave a stain Store them folded and wrapped in a pure cotton cloth as this would allow the sarees to breathe. Store them in a cool dark place in the cupboard to avoid discoloration.